N95 Masks [3]

N95 Masks [3]


You deserve the very best protection out there.


Which is why we've scoured the globe for the best selection of these safety items, at remarkable savings rivaling regularly priced, pre-pandemic prices.


Why N95 masks? Cloth masks are only 30-40% effective against the coronavirus; let's up those odds and bring that number all the way up to 95%, for the WIN. Combine with our spray disinfectant to maximize usage, safely! Use in conjunction with our hand sanitizer for ultimate protection.


We have 3 varieties available, to suit any situation:

3M 8210 N95 Respirators

Sperian 14110394 Saf-T-Fit Plus® N95 respirators w/ safety valve

Moldex® 1507™ Low Profile N95 respirators


These come sealed, with 3/bag of any variety, for only $20


*limit to 10 masks per order