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Nature, Science, Alchemy & Experience combine to offer you a world of wellness unlike anything you've experienced before. Dive in head first to our pure, all natural, full spectrum hemp CBD offerings and delight in their bounties. We've put hundreds of products to the test, and only the best of the best made it through; we are over the moon to be able to offer them to you. With hemp CBD that's lab tested and grown here in the Pacific Northwest, never with any harmful additives or pesticides.


Explore our wide range of CBD wellness and skincare products, by visiting our shop. Interested in hosting your own CBD spa night? Want to offer your own line of CBD beauty or relief products at your spa, store or office? Deck out your next event with branded bliss! Inquire within about white labeling, custom party favors or event options.

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Magic Mouthwash


An absolute must have in the toolbox for anyone healing. The most effective, long-lasting and life-changing product I've ever come across, after over 14 years of healing from countless injuries, on the hunt for the best relief. An activated charcoal oil pull that's been scientifically proven to heal over 30 ailments and illnesses. Based on the Focal Infection Theory of infection and disease, which Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the Mayo Clinics, as well as the founder of the American Dental Association, were both strong believers in: that diseases start in the mouth, and travel through the bloodstream to the rest of the body. The results speak for themselves. One 10 minute use and four days later, I still had more energy, with less pain, less sleep, and considerably less caffeine. It is straight, magic.

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